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Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris

Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris is a unique opportunity to combine the pleasant with the useful. You will visit the Iztuzu beach, see giant turtles in the natural environment, walk along masterpieces of ancient architecture, take rejuvenating graceful baths and swim in mineral springs

Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris price list

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 22€
 1 Children (6-12) 15€

Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris pros of visiting with us

Cost is the Cheapest. The tour is designed in such a way that people of all ages are interested.Suitable for family travel. We are cognitively and safe. There is no need to make a prepayment. We take into account the interests of each guest.You will be delighted with the impressions you have received.

Tour daysTuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Tour hours
08:30 — 18:00
IncludesEntrance tickets, services of the English-speaking historian guide, lunch, insurance, transfer.
Excludesdrinks, personal expenses
RecommendedSwimsuit, towels, Sun cream, hats. sunglasses, drinking water.

Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris Program

The program of Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris provides: 

  • Transfer guests from hotels by convenient bus.
  • Stop at the largest lake of the Aegean coast - Koycegiz, where you will transfer to a yacht and cross the lake to reach the mud baths of Sultaniye.
  • A delicious lunch of national dishes will fill you up and fill you with strength for new adventures.
  • Boat trip along the river where you will see the rock tombs of the ancient city of Kaunos. The guide will tell you the history and legends about the ancient city of Kaunos, we stop at the Lycian tombs carved into the rocks as early as 400 BC.
  • Next stop is Turtle Beach, a nature reserve where Caretta Caretta giant tortoises lay their eggs. There are chances to see these giant turtles moving along the beach.
  • Swimming in a picturesque bay in the Mediterranean sea.
  • Return transfer to the hotel, with comfortable buses.
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris Content of the trip

Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris combines several types of recreation - therapeutic, educational, and beach. They are united by an interesting and rich program.

Among the most popular excursions to Dalyan from Marmaris is in the top five.

Dalian is a city with a favorable mild climate. In summer, the air temperature is not higher than 29 degrees, and the water is set to 24C.

What do you expect on a tour of Marmaris?

Your special Marmaris tour to Dalyan includes all the main attractions of the region.

  • You will travel along the river, along the Lycian tombs carved into the rocks,
  • Rest on the stunning beach of Iztuzu,
  • therapeutic mud baths,
  • observing the life of giant turtles in the wild
  • many other highlights.

This unique trip is suitable for travelling as a family. During excursions to Dalyan from Marmaris with a  guide, you will visit the healing mud baths, which will allow you to feel the energy, lightness in the body, and the tone of the whole body. It is enough to apply dirt and wash off after it is completely dry. Minerals, in the composition of mud, soothe and nourish the skin. Bathing in healing mineral springs will strengthen the tonic effect.

Dalian Resort is also famous for the wide coast of the famous sandy beach Oftuzu, which is home to turtles. It is inhabited by representatives of the Caretta-Caretta species. These elders of the earth feel great here, and in the spring and summer, they lay eggs. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to visit the beach after sunset.

Rare blue crabs can also be found here.

For the most inquisitive.

Another interesting trip is the confluence of the Two Seas in Marmaris. You will see the crossing point of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas while on board the yacht.

Your privileges with My Marmaris Tours.


We will provide you with a clear tour organization and an overview of the best places with a professional and charismatic guide. With a tour in Turkey, you will also visit non-tourist places, see the life and life of local residents. This is an unusual journey that is remembered for a long time. You will find all the fun in one excursion.

It will be informative and fun.

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