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Terms And Conditions

terms and conditions


The subject of this agreement is the sale of the services of the AGENCY from the website www.mymarmaristours.com to the CONSUMER.

The AGENCY is responsible to the CONSUMER for the provision of the subject of the contract and services.

The AGENCY is responsible for damage and compensation for losses in case of failure to comply with the terms of the contract.

The AGENCY is responsible for finding solutions through a thoughtful approach.

The CONSUMER must notify the AGENCY in writing of the complaint.

The CONSUMER agrees that the services, the amount of the sale, the type of payment and preliminary information have been received and confirmed electronically.

The CONSUMER has the right to the history of the tour to a later one without additional charge, in case of notification of this for 3 days.

The CONSUMER does not pay VAT for the service received. All payment prices are inclusive of VAT.


The AGENCY reserves the right to travel due to adverse weather conditions, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, road obstacles and unforeseen technical difficulties.

The AGENCY has the right to cancel or change the tour if necessary, inform the CONSUMER about changing the tour by sending a written message. In this case, if the CONSUMER does not want to participate in the tour, the cost is refunded.

The AGENCY can notify the CONSUMER in person, on the website or in any available way.

The CONSUMER has the right to transfer the tour to another person up to 7 days before the date of the trip.

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