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The ancient city of Amos Marmaris

The ancient city of Amos is located in the vicinity of the resort of Marmaris, near the village of Turunc, on Cape Asardzhik, which offers a stunning view of the Kumlubuk Bay and the Aegean Sea

The ancient city of Amos Marmaris

Ancient Amos is surrounded by thickets of olive trees; some trees were planted by the ancient Greeks. Amos was founded in the 7th century BC. the inhabitants of the island of Rhodes. It was a prosperous and safe city for living, which was surrounded on 4 sides by a powerful wall. Its favorable location at the very top of the mountain created an additional obstacle for enemies. Amos stood at the crossroads of major trade routes, making it a major trade center.

Nowadays, the walls, sections of the ancient gates and five towers are well preserved. Inside the city of Amos, you can see the ruins of an ancient theater, the remains of the Temple of Apollo and a necropolis. Amos is a small and not the most popular antique city in Turkey. Therefore, it can be bypassed in an hour. The beauty of this place also lies in the fact that there are not many visitors at all. Therefore, you can slowly wander around the city, enjoy the surrounding beauty and just enjoy the walk.

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