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Marmaris turtle island

In Marmaris, Turtle Island is the famous turtle beach on the Iztuzu sand spit in the village of Dalyan, where you can go on an excursion and have a great time

Marmaris turtle island

Marmaris turtle island: The giant turtles Kareta Kareta have chosen Iztuzu and have been coming here for decades to reproduce. The sand spit is huge, and they have a lot to turn around. One individual can produce up to 150 eggs, of which only a few survive. After all, turtles still need to run to the sea without becoming bait for blue crabs and other predators. It's easier for adult reptiles to live. No one dares to attack a colossus 1.5 meters long and weighing up to 70 kg.

On the Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris, with catching blue crabs you will not only see giant turtles, but also feast on those who hunt their children. Crabs with unreal shades of blue, beautiful and delicious. You will have a stop at the largest lake on the coast, Koycegiz. You will visit the thermal radon springs, take healing mud baths, see the Lycian tombs carved into the rocks and raft along the Dalyan River. And then you can swim and relax on a beautiful and clean beach. It will be a bright, eventful and very interesting day.

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