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Armutalan Hammam (Turkish Bath) in Marmaris

Armutalan Hammam (Turkish Bath) in Marmaris is a visit to the largest Turkish bath, where you will have 2 wellness sessions of massage-foam and relaxing with olive oil, peeling with (kese).You will feel a surge of energy and energize for the whole period of rest.

Armutalan Hammam (Turkish Bath) in Marmaris price list

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 15€
 1 Children (7-12) 10€

Armutalan Hammam (Turkish Bath) in Marmaris pros of visiting with us

We work without intermediaries, so we offer the best price for two hours of visiting the largest Turkish bath complex, including a transfer from the hotel. Booking online, without prepayment at any time convenient for you.

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
09:00 — 17:00
IncludesTwo way Transfer, sauna visits, program procedures, insurance
Excludesadditional procedures, cosmetic facials, visits to some pairs, personal expenses
RecommendedSwimsuit, slippers, money for personal expenses.

Armutalan Hammam (Turkish Bath) in Marmaris Program

Armutalan Hammam program in Marmaris provides:

  • Transfer from the hotel with a comfortable car
  • Arrival in Hammam. Using a Hot Dry sauna, warming the body for a positive result after further procedures.
  • Then go to the eucalyptus steam room. Prepares for further procedures and perfectly cleanses the respiratory tract.
  • Peeling in Turkish - deep and careful cleansing with a special glove "kese" consisting of eco fibers of different textures.
  • Magic foam massage of natural olive oil beaten in a special bag of cotton.
  • Relaxing massage with olive oil, lasting 15 minutes.
  • Turkish Tea in the rest room.
  • Rest after sessions.
  • Transfer back to the hotel.
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Armutalan Hammam (Turkish Bath) in Marmaris Content of the trip

The Turkish bath hamam Armutalan in Marmaris is designed for true connoisseurs of bath culture in Turkish.

Luxury Armutalan hamam Marmaris is the largest in the city. Located far from parties, shops and other bustling establishments. Perfect for harmony and relaxation. On its patio with a garden and a swimming pool is cozy as a house.

Interior design and distinctive features.

The design is made in the Ottoman style, the main hall consists of marble and other expensive materials. The roof is built in the form of a dome, inside which is a mosaic of colored stained glass windows. A tour of Marmaris will create the illusion of moving in the era of the sultans. The room has a comfortable spa and lounge. The complex is impeccably clean. Laboratory checks are carried out on a monthly basis. We are chosen because all our guests are served in VIP format. Hamam Armutalan in Marmaris is a favorite holiday destination for locals. Travelers from different countries come here to learn the true Turkish traditions. Bath, like the kitchen, can tell a lot about the country. Turkish bath Marmaris Armutalan like a caring hostess, meets her guests, sharing all the most delicious and valuable that she has.

What's to expect on the tour?

  • Procedures fully comply with the national traditions of the country. The program begins with a visit to the sauna.
  • Then, dressed in a sarong, for 15 minutes you warm up with warm humid air, lying on a marble table in a hammam. Saturated aromas of natural oils relax and lift the mood.
  • In hamam Armutalan in Marmaris work banster professionals. They perform a light peeling procedure with a "asse" glove made of eco fibers. After that, microcirculation in skin cells is increased. Cells are actively breathing and updated during the procedure. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and silky.
  • The pleasure continues with a foam massage, which gives a feeling of freshness and lightness. Our guests celebrate the rush of inner energy and strength.
  • Then in a separate room of hammam, you will find a relaxing massage with olive oil.
  • You can read more about the excursions in Marmaris, reviews and photos of real guests on our website. Between wellness sessions in the hall, you can enjoy delicious drinks, swim in the pool.
  • If desired, visit the aromatic, menthol or salt room, optical or contrast shower Charcot, Jacuzzi and additional types of massage. In the spa area make manicures and pedicures, rejuvenating mud, mineral and other face masks.

What else can surprise you?

Fans of bath and spa treatments during a tour in Turkey are also advised to visit another famous hamam Ottoman in Marmaris.

Your privileges with My Marmaris Tour


You don't have to worry about getting to Hamam Armutalan in Marmaris and how to adjust to the free hours of your visit. We've already taken care of it. We will arrange the reservation at a convenient time, take you out of the hotel, and after unforgettable hours of pleasant and useful rest, take you back.

Low price.

For our guests, a special price is $15 for adults and $10 for kids.

Book a program of true pleasure in Hamam Armutalan in Marmaris on our website, everything else we will do for you.