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Excursions in Marmaris with children

Excursions for children in Marmaris

All parents who come on vacation with kids ask themselves a painful question:"What to do with children in Marmaris.

You can just relax with the whole family in Ataturk Central Park. It will not be difficult to reach it by minibus in just 10 minutes. Also in Marmaris there is a magnificent promenade, where bicycles, mopeds and roller skates are available for rent. There is also a singing fountain that glows with all the rays of the rainbow in the evening.

When you and your kids want something new, bright and fun, we are at your service.

Excursions in Marmaris with children are a great opportunity to captivate little fidgets. And a great rest for adults.

We recommend paying attention to:


Here you can not only see how dolphins frolic in the open sea, but also get to know them better. Chat, hold a photo session, feed and even be their trainer.

Children's favorite water parks are Atlantis and Aqua Dream. Here childhood dreams come true. And the parents return to their carefree childhood. The sea of ​​fun, joy and positive is guaranteed.

For 30 minutes dolphins swim with you, play and transport you from one side to another. Here adults come to a state of delight, and children generally have no limit to emotions

An experienced instructor will accompany you throughout the swim. Children are allowed from 8 years old.


A real pirate ship with animators disguised as sea robbers will take you across the Mediterranean Sea. There will be games, parties and contests on board. They will also create an image of a pirate for you. We will make stops at azure bays for swimming. and the bravest will dive right from the side of the yacht.

What could be more wonderful than a zoo in its natural habitat for little animal lovers. We will sail along the Dalyan River by boat. You will catch a blue crab and go to Iztuzu beach and visit the giant turtles "Carreta Carreta".

This selection includes popular tours with children. But there are many more amazing trips. The excursion programs can be found on our website.