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Marmaris water activities

Tours by sea in Marmaris

Sea tours in Marmaris will add zest to your vacation. You will enjoy the beauty of the sea horizon and coastline from the ship.

We have a lot of entertainment programs in stock - foam parties, dance shows, jumps from the upper deck of the yacht and discos on the ship. Productive fishing awaits you, where you are guaranteed to catch tuna, sea bass, dorado, mullet, squid or even octopus. Enjoy two scuba dives to coral reefs with hundreds of fish and other marine life. Or snorkelling away from the resort town.

We stop in the most beautiful coves of the Mediterranean for swimming and spectacular photos. You will visit the wonderful island of Cleopatra, feel like Robinson on the mysterious Aegean islands. See the gentle turquoise water washed by bright blue waves as you sail at the confluence of the two seas. Admire the stunning sunsets and the beauty of the starry sky on the high seas.

Sea tours are suitable for both adults and children. Cheerful animators will find something to keep the kids busy while the adults are relaxing. Therefore, you can safely go on such tours with the whole family or with a group of friends.