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Dalyan Tour from Marmaris

Excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris includes Fish and crab catching it also change your idea of relaxation. You will touch the historical antiquities, take mud baths, in rhodon springs, catch blue crabs, visit the largest beach in Turkey, see giant turtles. And that's not all.

Dalyan Tour from Marmaris price list

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 22€
 1 Children (6-11) 15€

Dalyan Tour from Marmaris pros of visiting with us

With us you will find a clear organization of the tour, comfortable transfer, insurance, a positive historian guide. a delicious lunch, a boat ride on the lake and more.

Tour daysMonday, wednesday , friday
Tour hours
08:00 — 17:00
IncludesTransfer, entrance tickets to mineral springs and Turtle Beach, lunch, insurance, English-speaking guide, boat trip in Dalyan.
Excludesdrinks, personal expenses
Recommendedcomfortable clothes, shoes, water, Swim suite, hat, sunscreen, money for personal expenses, camera.

Dalyan Tour from Marmaris Program

The program of Dalyan Tour From Marmaris provides: 

  • Transfer guests from hotels by convenient bus.
  • Arrival at the pleasant, small, resort town of Dalyan
  • We get to the Sultaniye mud baths.
  • Delicious lunch from national dishes.
  • Visit the ancient city of Kaunos, stop at the Lycian tombs carved into the rocks as early as 400 BC.
  • Crab fishing and a visit to Turtle Beach - a nature reserve where giant turtles Caretta Caretta lay their eggs. There are chances to see these giant turtles moving along the beach.
  • We transfer to small covered motor boats and travel on the water for 30 minutes.
  • Another amazing place for a walk is the Turtle Beach - Iztuzu, which is a sandy spit located at the confluence of the Dalyan River into the Mediterranean Sea. You will have 2 hours to enjoy the miracle of nature and take photos for memory.
  • Return to Dalyan and back transfer to the hotel in a comfortable bus.
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Dalyan Tour from Marmaris Content of the trip

The excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris and catching crabs is one of the most interesting in the opinion of our guests.

Dalyan is known for its crystal clear beaches, where it is so pleasant to sunbathe under the warm sun and swim in clear water.

Numerous archaeological finds and monuments attract history buffs here. But the resort has gained special popularity thanks to its amazing inhabitants- large turtles and blue crabs - live attractions Dalian. The only difficulty is that to get to the beach with large turtles is not easy and it can be expensive if you go individually.

The tour of Dalyan from Marmaris as part of the group will allow you not only to save on expenses on the way, but also to see the most interesting places, to take hundreds of amazing pictures, to touch historical antiquities, and to feel a real delight.

What do you expect on the Dalian tour?

  • The tour from Marmaris to Dalyan starts with a transfer from your place of residence to the large tectonic lake Koijegiz, covering an area of 5200 hectares. You will walk the boat on its waters and see the meeting place of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. You will be able to swim and catch a unique blue crab, which is found en masse here.
  • They will be cooked on the grill for you. While the crabs are being prepared, you can admire the giant turtles of Caretta-Karet. These beauties you can feed right from the boat.
  • The next stop on the route of the excursion to Dalyan from Marmaris will be hot mineral springs. Dalyan's healing muds give vivacity and have rejuvenating properties.
  • After swimming in the thermal radon waters, you will feel a stunning cleansing of the skin and feel a burst of energy.
  • Travellers from all over the world come to the resort of Dalian to improve their health.
  • Next you will find a delicious lunch in the restaurant, with a wide selection of local wines and sweets for dessert.
  • Also on our excursion to Dalian from Marmaris you will open the veil of mystery of the tombs of English-speaking guides historians.
  • On the boat you will swim past the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos and see the facades of burials, preserved to this day. The uniqueness of these tombs is that they are located right in the rocks, at maximum height. Previously, locals firmly believed that the higher, the closer to God. You will be told fascinating stories about this mysterious area with its graves.
  • The tour of Dalyan from Marmaris will complete the journey to Iztuzu beach, where huge turtles stop for laying eggs. The weight of these giants reaches 90 kg. They lay about a hundred eggs, of which after 8-9 weeks there are small turtles.

Small turtles run swiftly to the sea, but along the way can become a favorite delicacy of local animals and birds. Now the largest beach in Turkey Turtle Beach, length of 4 km, is listed by UNESCO. Turtle populations have been protected for several years. Bright impressions will capture you throughout the tour to Dalyan from Marmaris, and beautiful photos and videos will remind you of this special day.

What else can surprise you?

We also recommend a tour of Pamukkale from Marmaris with a visit to the Cleopatra Basin and a dip in the healing thermal springs. White reliefs, cascading terraces and amazing natural hot water pools surrounded by snow cotton evoke a fantastic feeling of delight.

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