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Tour to Aegean Islands from Marmaris

The Aegean Islands Tour from Marmaris is an opportunity to feel like the main character of adventure films. You will visit six of the most unusual islands, including Camellia Island, Tooth, Maiden Kos, Aquarium Bay and the confluence of the two hisaronu Bay seas.

Tour to Aegean Islands from Marmaris price list

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 25€
 1 Children (6-12) 15€

Tour to Aegean Islands from Marmaris pros of visiting with us

With My Marmaris Tours, you'll find a clear travel organization that's well thought out. You will be delighted with the interesting and eventful program of the tour. We will make sure to make your day special and unforgettable. You can book all services online on the website or by phone. Orders are accepted without prepayment.

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
10:00 — 16:00
IncludesTwo way Transfer, insurance, English speaking Guide, Entrance Tickets, lunch and soft drinks
ExcludesAlcohol drinks, personal expenses, professional photo and video shooting
RecommendedSwimsuit, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen

Tour to Aegean Islands from Marmaris Program

Aegean Island tour from Marmaris program Includes:

  • Transfer from the hotel with comfortable bus
  • Arrival at the port and get into the Boat.
  • Starting the Amazing journey to the islands.
  • Visiting Rabbit Island, where affectionate and fluffy animals are waiting for treats.
  • Visit to wild mountain Island with the ruins of an ancient church, built in the 10th century AD, the tree of desires Animals are harmless, and gladly take the goodies with their hands.
  • Maiden Kos Bay, 800 meters of azure shoal will provide vivid shots.
  • Delicious lunch on a yacht of national dishes.
  • Sedir Island with fantastic landscapes.
  • Arrival at the port.
  • Transfer back to the hotel is by a cozy bus.
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Tour to Aegean Islands from Marmaris Content of the trip

The Aegean Islands tour from Marmaris will provide you with the opportunity to find yourself at the crossroads of three continents of Africa, Asia and Europe.

The route of the excursion to Marmaris - Aegean Islands will be laid directly from your hotel. We will pick you up on a comfortable bus and take you to the port, where you will be waiting for a yacht on which to go on a journey.

You will feel like Robinson, finding yourself in the pristine nature and communicating with the wise representatives of the island fauna.

What's to expect on the tour?

A tour of the Aegean islands from Marmaris will allow you to visit six of the most unusual islands, including:

  • Camellia Island,
  • The jagged island
  • Maiden Spit,
  • Aquarium and Semilie Bay
  • the confluence of the two seas - Hisaron's Bay.

You will appreciate the calm transparent turquoise and azure waters of the Aegean Sea, hear beautiful legends of love, learn the history of ancient fortresses, Attica, Thessaly, Peloponnese and Boeotia, see the mosaic of the Byzantine era.

Aegean islands, created of tuff and lava. It is home to such unique animals as the European doe, Capricorn, Mediterranean seal. In the sea there are striped dolphins. Local plant species are listed in the Red Book.

The Aegean archipelago includes 483 islands. A tour of the Aegean islands from Marmaris will show you the most picturesque of them.

Maiden Spit Island, has a reddish hue, and attracts with its beautiful beach and azure shallows, in the clear water of which you can swim with children.

Camellia Island is famous for its ancient fortress, chapel and mosaic panels of the Byzantine era. Nowadays it is a place of harmony. The island is washed by pure blue water. And its inhabitants - goats and donkeys fascinate with their friendliness. For swimming, we recommend taking special shoes, as there are sea hedgehogs.

The jagged island is an extinct volcano that attracts travelers who prefer peace and quiet. It is believed that shells collected on the shore, bring good luck in business.

The sea water of Hisaronu is saturated with bright corals, sponges, flying fish. The real pleasure here can be obtained from snorkeling or diving in Marmaris.

Animal lovers will be delighted with the island of Rabbits. They give themselves a pat and wait for treats. On an island of 40 hectares according to legend, King Mavsol built a dam for romantic walks with his lover.

For all connoisseurs of picturesque islands.

We recommend a tour to the island of Cleopatra from Marmaris, you will be fascinated by the white sandy beaches against the backdrop of the picturesque landscapes of Gekova Bay, exclusive monuments of antiquity much more.

Your privileges with My Marmaris Tour

Cognitive and rich program.

We always give a little more than in standard tours. You will visit places loved by the locals. You don't have to search for useful information on the Internet for a long time. With our expert guide, you can increase your erudition in one day.

Adequate price.

The best prices for excursions in Marmaris. Individual and group tours in Marmaris cost which are suitable for all. It is more profitable to buy a tour, but we can rent you a yacht for individual travel. The tour as part of the Aegean Marmaris Group will cost only $25 for adults and $15 for children. The Aegean Islands tour from Marmaris is a detailed program and the price is available on our website.

Book a tour of the Aegean Islands from Marmaris and sail with us to an amazing world of adventure.