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Snorkeling in Marmaris

Snorkeling in Marmaris with our team is all the colors of the underwater world in the free access. You will have full equipment and an instructor nearby. In Marmaris snorkeling You will visit the brightest places. During the tour there will be two stops near the rocks and grottoes.

Snorkeling in Marmaris price list

Age Range Price
 1 Passenger 15€
 1 Adult 15€

Snorkeling in Marmaris pros of visiting with us

Snorkeling is swimming near the water's surface with the use of a mask and a breathing tube, called a snorkel. All calculations are made without prepayment. Our employees are happy to answer all your questions about Marmaris Snorkeling. Excursions with My Marmaris Tours will restore strength and mental balance. We will create a high level of safety and comfort for you. Our goal is to make each guest's holiday perfect.

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
08:30 — 14:00
Includestransfer in both directions, insurance, snorkeling equipment, instruction, lunch
Excludesdrinks, personal expenses
Recommendedswimwear, sunscreen and glasses, hats, water

Snorkeling in Marmaris Program


The excursion program Snorkeling in Marmaris includes:

  • Transfer of guests from hotels in Marmaris, Turunc and Icmeler.
  • Arriving at the port
  • The snorkeling excursion takes place as part of diving, so we will go to sea from the dive center Issuance of snorkeling equipment, full instructions.
  • Departure to the open sea and choose a colorful dive site.
  • First stop for diving and snorkeling.
  • Delicious lunch of national cuisine.
  • Choosing the next dive site, free time for snorkeling.
  • Departure to the port of Marmaris
  • Transfer of guests to hotels.
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
Send a request, we will confirm in minutes

Snorkeling in Marmaris Content of the trip

Snorkeling in Marmaris tour is designed for fans of the underwater world who are not ready to dive, but want to see the colorful world of the Mediterranean Sea. Do you feel confident in the water but prefer to explore the underwater world from the surface? Let's go snorkeling! Snorkelers savor the underwater geography while floating close to the surface.

Marmaris snorkeling

Marmaris snorkeling is designed for travelers of all ages. It has no contraindications and is suitable for absolutely everyone. There is no need for physical endurance and swimming skills aren't essential for snorkeling since you can snorkel with a life vest or a swim belt. You will wear a life jacket, and next to be an experienced instructor.

Snorkeling in Marmaris is one of the safest types of diving. The basic equipment for snorkeling includes a mask, a snorkel, swim fins, and a wetsuit or dry suit.

Snorkeling Marmaris - What will you expect on the ?

If you've always wanted to discover underwater wonders, snorkeling might be your next favorite hobby. Moreover, snorkeling in Marmaris is great for the whole family. It appeals to all ages because of how little effort is involved and is the basis of the two surface disciplines of the underwater sport of finswimming

  • We'll bring you to the Dive Center. The location of the tour is the open sea. An experienced captain knows where all the best places for snorkeling are.
  • We will make two stops at the picturesque cliffs and grottoes a few kilometers from Marmaris.
  • You will be given equipment for snorkeling - wetsuit and life jacket.
  • After the briefing you will go to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

Snorkling in Marmaris is thousands of different fish, which can be admired near the shore. In addition to the unique colorful reefs, you will see here an abundance of marine inhabitants. Beginner sea explorers will be suitable for the first snorkeling from the shore. For the experienced, we have prepared group swims at a considerable distance from the coastline.

Snorkeling Marmaris is thousands of mottled fish and corals, sea hedgehogs and turtles, stingrays and actinia. This type of swimming will fascinate both adults and children. Are you still wondering what to see in Marmaris?

Do we know what else to surprise you with?

We explore the earth, air, fire, water and everything related to them. We offer you a complete immersion in the bright world of the Mediterranean With a diving tour in Marmaris.

Your privileges with My Marmaris Tours.

The most colorful places.

For the full enjoyment of snorkeling you need silence and a suitable place, away from civilization, where sea animals will quietly do their business, which is so nice to watch a man. Our captain will share this area with you. Excursions in Marmaris Turkey are:


We provide all our guests with insurance, full equipment, a life jacket and an experienced instructor, who will always be there if you need help. And then there's

Low cost.

We work without intermediaries. We have our own transport, equipment and qualified personnel. That's why for our guests, the Snorling tour in Marmaris is only $15.

And Caring.

We will pick you up from any hotel in Marmaris, Ichmeler and Turuncha and bring you back after the tour. Feed a delicious lunch on board the ship. Our managers will answer all the questions you care about. Our instructor will inform you in detail about the rules of safe snorkeling. We are responsible for each of our guests. As a result, you get a bright and full of impressions rest. That's what excursions to Marmaris mean, our guests' feedback will help you believe in our care, dedication to our work and love for you. Want to see the underwater world in all its colors?

Book a snorkeling tour in Marmaris on our website online. Or on the phone. The duration of the tour and the price of excursions in Marmaris you can see the same on our website.