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Tours In Icmeler


What we need to know : The Icmeler resort is freely located on the Datca Peninsula. The city is wrapped in mountains and pine forests on three sides, which are conducive to a harmonious outdoor recreation.
Famous accommodation places : Hotel Gölmar Beach, Ida Restaurant & Bar, Marti Resort, MARTI La Perla Hotel, Hotel Aqua, Julian Forest Suites, L'Etoile Beach Hotel
Famous place to swim : Icmeler beach
Shopping malls : Istambul watch centr, Latina Goldsmiths, Ruby

Icmeler is a romantic village located 8 km west of Marmaris.

The name Icmeler translates as "the lost paradise"

Picturesque Icmeler is located in the embrace of mountains, lemon and orange groves, pine forests, which, combined with the fresh sea air, produce an amazing cocktail of aromas.

The air is so delicious that you want to eat it.

People suffering from allergies feel comfortable here. People often come here in winter to breathe and clear their lungs.

Sea at Icmeler.

The resort is located at the meeting point of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

The sea here is always calm and smooth, like a mirror. The crystal clear water is mesmerizing, in which you can see the sandy bottom for several meters.

The resort is ideal for snorkeling and diving. The water temperature reaches 25-26 degrees off the coast.

Climate and weather in Icmeler.

The warm and mild climate is conducive to a pleasant beach holiday in the season from May to September.

The warmest months are July and August, when the air temperature rises to 32-34C.

It is comfortable to rest here in September and October, at a moderate temperature of 24-30 C.

What to do in Icmeler?

The Icmeler embankment is lined with tiles, immersed in greenery and aromas, reminiscent of a fabulous footpath. It's great to run on it, ride bicycles and electric scooters.

In the evening, the embankment is decorated with the rhythms of incendiary melodies, live music, dancing couples. The scent of pine needles and eucalyptus mixed with the energy of freedom and drive create an incredible atmosphere of positive.

The resort has a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment options.

Travelers return to Icmeler again for harmony, beauty and inspiration.

Icmeler is one of those corners of the world that remains forever in the soul of everyone who visits here at least once.

When you enjoy the city to its fullest, our excursions from Icmeler will show you the country in all its colors.

On group excursions, we unite you with guests from Marmaris and provide a free transfer from any hotel in the city and back. We also provide individual tours for you.