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Turkish Hamam VIP (all inclusive)

Turkish hammam VIP (all-inclusive) is a paradise delight in the best traditions, which, together with body peeling, foam and relaxing massage includes rejuvenating face masks, wellness massage of the head and legs, peeling with the help of small fish, foot treatment, rest in the CPA.

Turkish Hamam VIP (all inclusive) price list

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 15€
 1 Children (7-12) 10€

Turkish Hamam VIP (all inclusive) pros of visiting with us

We work without intermediaries. Affordable prices, no prepayments and overpayments will make it possible to allocate your budget for the entire vacation. A clear tour organization will allow you to fully enjoy the all-inclusive program.

Tour daysEvery day
Tour hours
09:00 — 17:00
Includestransfer in both directions, insurance, standard procedures according to the program, tea or coffee at will
Excludespersonal expenses, VIP procedures
Recommendedbathing accessories, water for the road

Turkish Hamam VIP (all inclusive) Program

The Turkish Hamam VIP (all inclusive) program includes:

  • Transfer of guests from the hotel in a comfortable car
  • Arrival at the hamam
  • Warming up the body in a dry steam room, time is not limited
  • Menthol steam room, pleasantly cools the skin and cleanses the respiratory tract, time is not limited
  • Transition to an exclusive room with a large marble bed in the middle.
  • Body peeling with Kese's special mitten Foam massage with cotton bags, during which you will warm up on a marble table.
  • Oil massage, lasting 15 minutes.
  • End of standard sessions and start of the VIP program.
  • Application of a fortified mineral mask to the face.
  • Light preventive scalp massage for 5 minutes
  • Treatment of the feet and cleansing the keratinized skin of the heels.
  • Peeling with small fish Garra Rufa in the aquarium.
  • Feeling of light tickling, after which your feet will be perfectly smooth
  • Rest in the relax room with a cup of Turkish tea or coffee
  • Return transfer to the hotel in a comfortable car
The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Turkish Hamam VIP (all inclusive) Content of the trip

Just arrived in Turkey and want to get an even tan?

Turkish Hamam VIP (all-inclusive) in Marmaris is the perfect skin preparation option with sunbathing. After it, the tan will be beautiful, smooth and will last longer.

The so-called hammam is available in many hotels, but the traditional Turkish bath in Marmaris will bring more benefit and pleasure. The purpose of such excursions in Turkey to bring to the rest maximum benefit not only for the body, but also the soul, to introduce guests to the Eastern traditions, history and color of the country.

What is interesting about the city's Turkish baths? Turkish Hamam VIP (all-inclusive) in Marmaris is made in the best traditions of architecture with a domed roof, walls of natural marble. There is a patio where you can enjoy a holiday to the aroma of exotic plants.

The luxury and richness of the interior will take you back to the days of the ottoman rulers Suleiman and Roxolana. Skilled masters of bathers combine the charms of Roman thermals with Arab baths. The pinnacle of bath art.

What awaits you on the tour?

Turkish Hamam (All-Inclusive) in Marmaris - will give you an ocean of pleasure. Detailed program and reviews of each procedure can be read on the site, or consulted with our managers.

  • Before starting the bath procedure you will visit a dry sauna. There the skin is ideally prepared for further procedures.
  • After such a warm-up you will be pleased, cooling skin, menthol steam room. Menthol vapors clean the airways well. Excursions from Marmaris will also prevent many colds.
  • After the steam room, the masters will give you peeling mitt Kese and foam massage. The body is affectionately shrouded in air foam. Paradise pleasure.
  • Next for you relax aroma massage, during which the skin is well hydrated with olive oil. As a result of such sessions, the mood rises, blood circulation improves, the skin is free from keratinized particles, breathes and glows with health.
  • After the massage, it is time to relax and enjoy Turkish tea, fresh fruit and delicious drinks in the relaxation zone.
  • Next, you will find a relaxing massage using natural aroma ointments. You will be made a rejuvenating mask based on seaweed.
  • The cherry on the cake will be massage and treatment of feet (peeling) fish Garra Rufa.

What else can surprise you?

Travellers who for the first time in the city often have a question - where to go on a tour in Marmaris, to spend time with friends or family, enjoy a traditional holiday and where is the best hammam Marmaris. The most popular baths are the Turkish bath (hamam) Ottoman in Marmaris, the individual national bath or Sultan.

What are your privileges with My Marmaris Tours?


We organize excursions in Marmaris and its villages, provide comfortable transport from your hotel in Ichmeler, and Turunche to the best hammam and back, after visiting it.

Low price.

We provide our guests with a health care in the Turkish all-inclusive bath for the minimum cost in the city.

Book a tour online on our website, enhance your health and beauty in Turkish VIP hammam (all-inclusive)