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Turunc excursions, things to do, day trips Turkey


What we need to know : Turunc is a resort village in the province of Mugla, where it is infinitely pleasant to relax, enjoying the fresh air. The town received the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of its beaches and the impeccable quality of the water.
Famous accommodation places : Loryma Resort, Dionysos Village Hotel, Lavanta Hotel, Eden Pyara Hotel Turunc, Neroli Butik Hotel, Dores Residence, Labranda Loryma Resort, Turunç Premium Hotel, Pine Beach Hotel, Turunç Resort Hotel, Turunç Malmen Otel.
Famous place to swim : Sand and pebble city beach
Shopping malls : Turunc Pazari.

Turunc excursions - Turunc is a sunny village in a bay among the mountains, a fishing village in which surprisingly friendly and smiling people live. Located 20 km south of Marmaris. It is one of the most demanded resorts in Turkey.

The name of the village is translated as "orange grove". This place is home to gorgeous plum, pomegranate and citrus groves. The calm and measured atmosphere of the village is great for relaxation.

Sea in Turunce.

Due to its location in a quiet bay, surrounded by mountain ranges, the sea is always calm and ideal for families with children. Crystal clear water beckons to swim and observe the marine fauna with a mask and snorkel.The water temperature in August-September reaches 25 degrees, which is quite comfortable for a long swim.

Climate and weather in Turunc.

It is almost always warm in Turunce. The Mediterranean climate prevails here, ensuring hot summers and cool winters. The beach season is from May to September.

In any weather, here you get real pleasure from walking along the beaches with a view of the amazing mountains.

What to do in Turunce.

The resort has many restaurants serving the finest local cuisine. The most delicious bitter orange jam is especially popular.

There are several nature reserves here, where all the beauty of the local nature is revealed.

Turunc was created for walking in the mountains, enjoying the fresh air and pleasant relaxation from the bustle of the metropolis. Within the city, you don't have to worry about transport, everything is within walking distance. Cycling enthusiasts will appreciate the large selection of bicycles for rent, of which there are a lot.

My Marmaris Tours offers inspiring excursions from Turunc all year round at friendly prices.

On group excursions, we unite you with travelers from Marmaris and provide a free transfer from any hotel in the city and back. We also carry out individual tours.