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Turunc what to see

Here you will find what to see and where to go in Turunc. The main sights and places that will be interesting to visit

Turunc what to see

First of all, what to see in Turunc is the beach. The superb, clean and well maintained coastline has a blue flag in its arsenal. Seascape green hills covered with beautiful trees, birdsong and delicious air. A paradise for ecotourism lovers. Diving enthusiasts will also have something to do here. You can see rocky ledges and caves underwater. The underwater world pleases with its diversity: colorful fish, crabs, turtles, octopuses, stingrays and other aquatic inhabitants. On the beach you can play volleyball, football, tennis, basketball, and refresh yourself in a restaurant overlooking the sea. And in the evening, nightclubs open here.

Previously, the village was a fishing village, and now there are many yachts of different sizes from small boats to large ships. You can rent them or go fishing. The fishing season is from April to October. You will not find motor boats here. They were discarded to avoid unnecessary noise. Colorful sailboats ply along the coast, complementing the picturesque landscape.

History lovers will also find something to see in Turunc. This is the ancient city of Amos. The ruins of the ancient city are located on a hill. Once it was the center of trade. Now the remains of an amphitheater, a temple, several buildings and a fortress wall have been preserved here. Olive trees grow around the ancient monument, which harmoniously complement the old buildings. Do not limit yourself to walking in one city. Tours from Turunc will tell and show you all the many-sided Turkey