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Turgut waterfall Marmaris

Turgut waterfall is located 35 km from Marmaris in the village of the same name. How to quickly get to it and why it is so attractive to tourists, see the blog

Turgut waterfall Marmaris

The Turgut waterfall, in the vicinity of Marmaris, consists of several stone ledges, from which water falls noisily from a ten-meter height. Millions of splashes in the rays of the sun scatter around him. All this, combined with forest beauty, light coolness and coniferous aroma, creates an amazing harmony of nature and fills with energy. At the bottom, the waterfall forms a hot tub with cool water, where it is so pleasant to swim on a hot day. A small lake flows into a stream, which then flows into the sea. In the lake you can go fishing and taste its inhabitants in a cafe on the way to the waterfall. Here you can have a great rest, enjoy the picturesque views and take wonderful photos.

Pay attention to the exotic village of Turgut, where you can buy delicious honey, olive oil, natural soap, and fresh fruits from the garden. Small but cozy houses of local residents decorate the village with their simplicity and tradition. Travelers are always welcome here, many are ready to show their life, garden, treat with some local delicacies.

You can get to the Turgut waterfall from Marmaris by a rented car, by bus or as part of an excursion group. The minibus departs from the center of Marmaris, stopping at the Ataturk monument. See that the bus has the inscription Turgut, and tell the driver that you are going to Silali - a waterfall in Turkish.

The most interesting and fun way to get to Turgut waterfall is with a Jeep Safari tour from Marmaris. On this eventful trip, you will ride through all the picturesque surroundings and the coast of the Aegean Sea, walk on the water on the "Maiden's Spit", dine in a forest restaurant, visit the waterfall and the village. On a hot day, at the request of the participants, we issue water pistols, divide into teams, and arrange battles right in the process of driving jeeps.

Spend your time profitably and recharge yourself with a good mood!