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Orhaniye Marmaris

The picturesque Orhaniye Bay is located 30 km from the resort of Marmaris. It adorns Hisaronu Bay with an azure water surface and a long sandy road Maiden's Spit

Orhaniye Marmaris

Orhaniye Bay is recommended to all guests of Marmaris and its surroundings. Nature has endowed this place with a stunning attraction - the Kyz Kumu spit or simply Maiden's sand. According to legend, one girl scattered sand over the sea, signaling her beloved where to look for her. In fact, the spit consists of a mixture of sand and small red stones that go 800 meters into the sea. This natural feature makes it possible for unusual walks on the sea and instagram photos. But, hurry up. Gradually, the Maiden's Scythe goes under the water. And, perhaps, in 10 years this attraction will not be here.

Near Orhaniye, on the rocks, you can see the remains of ancient stone masonry. Here in the 3rd century BC. was the ancient city of Bybassos. You can spend the whole day in Orhaniye. A strip of clean beach runs along the coast, there are cafes and shops nearby. Despite this, there is always silence. The bay is protected from the winds, so there are no waves here, and the water surface, like a mirror, reflects pine and pine forests.

It is more convenient and interesting to get to Orhaniye from Marmaris as part of an excursion to the Aegean Islands. As part of the tour, you will visit on a yacht not only the Maiden's Braid, but also the islands of rabbits, wild mountain goats, Aquarium and Semilie bays - ideal places for diving and snorkelling.